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Ten Things Not to Say as a Senior Living or Memory Caregiver – And Why

24 February 2020

As professional assisted living and memory care support providers here in Hiram, we know it is often times intimidating when providing care for senior living, assisted living, or memory care loved ones. Today we’re asking all of you in this loving struggle to take a moment and reflect if you...

The Benefits of In-Home Care for Dementia Patients

17 February 2020

Prologue: All professional memory care and assisted living care providers like us here at Manor Lake Hiram understand and respect those of you who so lovingly carry the burden of care for your loved ones. Part of our community service campaign is to educate via this blog so that you...

Make Valentine’s Day Special for Your Assisted Living Loved One

10 February 2020

Valentine’s Day reserves special space in the hearts of many of the assisted living and/or memory care loved one’s that we support. Professional assisted living caregivers such as us here at Manor Lake Hiram have long recognized that this Holiday can become a solemn one for many of our loved...

Addressing Paranoia Within Your Memory Care Loved One

3 February 2020

In our continued support of you angels out there engaged in the loving sacrifice in providing senior assisted living or memory care support, today we’re going to share a fantastic discussion of one of the single most frustrating conditions that caregivers like you often deal with, your loved one’s paranoia....